The Demo Application

We have packed —along with the Thinfinity® Remote Desktop Server installation— one example that uses Analytics Thinfinity Remote Desktop Server WebService to show the application usage data.

If you have already installed Thinfinity® Remote Desktop Server WebService, you can access the demos from the Windows Start menu All Programs/Thinfinity/Remote Desktop Server/Thinfinity Remote Desktop Server Demos.

The application was developed in C# and was designed to present you an integration possibility the Web Service provides you.

In order to compile this application, you can use the Microsoft Visual C# Studio 2010 Express. Download it here.

ThinRDPWS-Query application example:

This application is an example of an external application integrating each available Web Service method.

Observe that the upper radio buttons are different date ranges used to filter the statistic records.

Select one of the date options, go to a specific tab (Logins, Sessions, Connections or Browsers) and click on the Refresh button.

The analytics data will be displayed on the tab grid.

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