WebBridge: User Experience

Transferring files from your local PC to your remote desktop session has never been easier.

How to upload files:

There are 2 different ways you can upload a file to your remote desktop session:

  • You can drag and drop files directly into the browser where the remote desktop session is running.

After you drag a file into the browser, you will be prompted to save the file:

Here you can select any folder you have permissions to in the remote desktop.

  • Go to the "Thinfinity® WebBridge" drive and double click "Upload Here":

This will open your local "File Open" dialog, where you can select a file and upload to the "Thinfinity® WebBridge" drive.

How to Download files:

To download files, there are also 2 different methods:

  • You can drag and drop files into the "Thinfinity® WebBridge" drive. This will save the file in the WebBridge drive and will automatically download from your browser.

  • Right click any file in the remote desktop session, and select "Send to Browser" to automatically download:

If you are working on a file that is stored in the "Thinfinity® WebBridge" drive and you update it, WebBridge will detect these changes and download the file again so you don't lose any of your information.

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