How To Add a Pool in the Primary Broker

Firstly open the Primer Broker Server Manager.

In the 'Broker' you will find a box called 'Secondary Brokers'. Click 'Add':

General tab:

Pool name: Add the name of the pool name you assigned to your secondary broker

Users limit: You can assign the maximum amount of users that will be able to to connect to this pool

Breadth-First: Will evenly distribute the user sessions across the session hosts in a broker pool

Depth-First: Will saturate a session host with a user session in a broker pool

Folders tab:

Root Path: Select the directory where the 'intermediate disk' (ThinDisk) will be stored

Credentials for network shares only: If you configured a UNC path as the root folder, enter a set of credentials that has access to this path

Shared Folders: Create a shared folder in which all your users will be able to interact with

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