Using the 'connect' Method

If you are using the SDK library, you can use the createToolbar, toolbarVisible and toolbarRestrictions parameters in the connect method.

Read more about how to get started with the Thinfinity® Remote Desktop Server SDK library.

Here is the syntax for the toolbar parameters:

 createToolbar: true,
 toolbarVisible: true,
 toolbarRestrictions: [
//"Share session"
//"Send Keys..."
//"Ctrl + Alt + Del"
//"Ctrl + Esc"
//"Shift + Ctrl + Esc"
//"Shell Explorer"
//"Alt + Tab"
//"Alt + Shift + Tab"
//"Alt + Esc"
//"Left Win Key"
//"Right Win Key"
//"View params & layout"
//"File transfer"
//"File Manager"
//"Image Quality"
//"Disable Shortcuts"

Please note that in this example all the options for toolbarRestrictions are included, which would result in a blank toolbar. Include in the toolbarRestriction parameter only the buttons you want to exclude from the Thinfinity® Remote Desktop Server toolbar.

Remember that these settings will be overriden by those in the customsettings.js file.

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