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In this help file you will find information about Thinfinity® Remote Desktop. This document is intended for administrators to set up and configure Thinfinity® Remote Desktop.

Check the Getting Started section and follow the instructions to quickly install and configure Thinfinity® Remote Desktop.

Look into the Advanced Settings section to learn how you can better take advantage of the many features Thinfinity® Remote Desktop has to offer.

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Cybele Software is a leading provider of software solutions that enable companies to extend their existing technology foundation by integrating with trend-setting technology innovations. Whether you want to improve the user interface for a mainframe application or need to enable remote Web access to Windows desktop applications, Cybele Software has a solution for you.

Since 2004, we have enabled companies to bridge the gap between cutting-edge technologies and proven client/server and mainframe systems. Our team of experienced developers strives to deliver flexible software solutions that increase the efficiency and usability of legacy systems and data.

Cybele Software products are designed to provide the simplest implementation pathways possible, while ensuring the integrity and security of your existing environment. Our track record of delivering on these commitments is evidenced through our rapidly-expanding, global customer base.

You can find out more about our products and our company on our website at https://www.cybelesoft.com

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