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Connecting to a desktop

  • Open your preferred HTML5-enabled web browser in the computer where Thinfinity® Remote Desktop was installed
  • Type the following URL: into the address bar. If you have changed the port number in the previous step, replace the port number in this URL. When you access from a different computer, replace with the server IP address or DNS name
You will be presented with the following screen:
  • In the 'Computer' field, enter the remote desktop IP you want to connect to
  • Enter the Username and Password for the remote machine
  • Press 'Connect'
  • The remote desktop will show inside the browser and you can use it like a regular remote desktop session
If you want to change the RDP connection settings, press the plus (+) sign on the right upper corner before connecting and the Display, Program, Experience, Advanced and Resources options will show.
To set up different options and make Thinfinity® Remote Desktop better suit your needs, read the Customizing Thinfinity® Remote Desktop topic.