The SDK library allows you to integrate your own website or web application with Thinfinity® Remote Desktop Server, so that you can have a fully functional remote desktop or remote application inside your application .

Requirements for the SDK Library:

1. The website or application target has to be HTML5 compliant.

2. The integration has to be done at a programming level. This is why you will need someone who can modify the target website or application source.

You can use the SDK library with any Thinfinity® Remote Desktop Server authentication mode: None, Username/password or Access Profiles.

The integration of Thinfinity® Remote Desktop Server with your application will require the edition of an HTML page, adding a few tags and some JavaScript code.

From this point on, we consider you already have Thinfinity® Remote Desktop Server installed and configured. Otherwise, please go back to the Getting Started topic.

To learn how to use the SDK library read the next topics in this section.

Tip: You can also take a look at the sdk.html file available in the Thinfinity® Remote Desktop Server installation directory, under the 'webrdp' folder. After configuring the parameters for the connect method, located inside this html example file, you can try it out from the browser through the https://server_IP:port/sdk.html url.

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