Access Profiles

You will find the following options in the "Access Profiles" tab:
In the Thinfinity® Remote Desktop Server manager "Access Profile" tab you will find the following options:
Profile List
This list shows the available profiles. You can enable or disable them by checking the box to the left of the name.
Press this button to add a new profile. You can add an RDP Profile, or a Weblink Profile.
Select a profile and press this button to edit it. Depending on the profile, you will be directed to the RDP Profile editor, or the Weblink Profile editor.
Select a profile and press this button to remove it.
Allowed users and groups for selected profile
See here the allowed users or group(s) of users for the selected profile. If you want to change the user(s), edit the profile.
Database path
When the application is set to work with Load Balancing, you can set a common database path to all Thinfinity® Remote Desktop Server Brokers by informing it on this field.
Exports the current Access Profiles list to a .CSV file.
Always remember to press "Apply" in order to save the changes.
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