In the Thinfinity® Remote Desktop Server manager "Authentication" tab you will find the following options:
Authentication Methods
Defines the authentication methods allowed for logging in to Thinfinity Remote Desktop.
By default, Windows Logon (Active Directory) is enabled.
Use Standard browser authentication dialog
Check this option to use the standard browser authentication dialog instead of the Thinfinity Remote Desktop web login. This option is only available when "Authentication" is set to "Access Profiles". Check it to use the standard browser authentication dialog.
Allow anonymous access
Enables or disables anonymous access to the Thinfinity Remote Desktop's index page
Always remember to press "Apply" in order to save the changes.
In a multi-application Single-Sign-On environment users log in once into one application and gain access to all the other applications without being prompted to log in again for each of them.
Choose between OAuth/2, RADIUS, DUO or SAML using the "Add" button on the Authentication tab.
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