How to install and configure RemoteAD

The setup is very simple. All you need to do is install the AD Service to a server joined to the AD you wish to integrate and point this to your Thinfinity® Remote Desktop. Follow the steps below to install it and configure both parts:

  • Run the setup on the server you wish to integrate its AD with.

  • On the first screen press ‘Next’

  • Accept the license agreement and hit ‘Next’.

  • If you wish to change the installation directory, you may do so by clicking ‘Change…’, if not, just press ‘Next’.

  • Press ‘Install’

  • After the installation is done, press ‘Finish’

To run the manager of Thinfinity® Remote Desktop AD Services you will need to start a command line as admin, then navigate to “C:\ProgramData\Cybele Software\Thinfinity\Remote Desktop Server\DB” and run call the exe with the argument below:

Thinfinity.RemoteDesktop.RemoteAD.exe /manage

You should see the screen below:

In here, you need to configure the ‘Network ID’, this must match with the Network ID you have configured in your Thinfinity® Remote Desktop Gateway(s) and Broker(s).

Then, click on ‘Add’ and enter your Gateway’s public URL:

Once you finish installing Thinfinity® Remote Desktop AD Services, there are a few settings we have to update back on the Broker server.

On each one of them, you will have to enable this service by editing “C:\ProgramData\Cybele Software\Thinfinity\Remote Desktop Server\DB\Thinfinity.RemoteDesktop.Server.ini”. In here, you will need to enable the DirectoryServices under the ‘General’ tab:

[General] DirectoryServices=true

Bear in mind that the ‘General’ flag most surely exists already. Just add the “DirectoryServices=true” in here.

Now you must go to “C:\ProgramData\Cybele Software\Thinfinity\Remote Desktop Server\DB\” and create a JSON called “”. You will have to edit this and add: { "Services":[ {"id":"cybelesoft","name":"Cybele AD","filter":"cybelesoft\\\\.+","url":"/__ds@cybelesoft__/dirsvc/api/v1/"} ] }


ID: Reference ID to identify the AD Mapping

Name: A descriptive name to identify the mapping in Thinfinity® Remote Desktop’s manager.

Filter: You must enter the domain name as the user would type it in. You can add a wild card expression as above (.+) so it will map any username under this domain. Keep in mind, you will have to add 4 backslashes “\\\\” after the domain name.

URL (registration parameter): You have to enter the domain name URL under the following format “__ds@[domain]__”.

Keep in mind that you will have to create a separate mapping (ID) for each Remote AD you wish to join to Thinfinity® Remote Desktop, separated by a comma (,).

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