Changing the Logo

Modifying the application logo can be as simple as copying the new logo image and telling Thinfinity® Remote Desktop Server application where it is located:

1. Create a folder called "BrandingFiles", if it doesn't exist yet, in the 'web' folder located inside the Thinfinity® Remote Desktop Server installation directory (C:/Program Files/Thinfinity/Remote Desktop Server/web)

2. Copy your own logo image file to the "BrandingFiles" folder.

3. Create the WebAliases.ini file and configure it like this:

A. Create a file called "WebAliases.ini" in the following directory :

C:/Program Files/Thinfinity/Remote Desktop Server/bin64.

B. Configure the redirection of the logo files you want to substitute, following the two examples below (MyLogo.png and MyFavicon.ico):

;Main logo

c. Save it.

4. Open the application to see the changes.

Take into account:

a. Any line in the "WebAliases.ini" file starting with a semicolon will not be considered by the application. It can be used to leave comments in the file.

b. You can substitute any interface image or file, by following the same steps described above.

c. Sometimes the favicon is not shown right the way, because the browser keeps history of the images. In that case, you should clean the browser cache before trying out the changes.

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