Telnet / SSH Profile Editor

The Profile Editor is the tool to create, configure and edit Thinfinity® Remote Desktop Server Access Profiles.

This sections explains the Telnet / SSH Profile Editor.

This is the Telnet / SSH Profile Editor General tab view:

These are the profile properties you can edit:




Specify the URL/resource you want to connect to.

Enable Keep alive

Enables keep-alive mechanism, needed for some Telnet servers to prevent disconnections.

Disable Telnet Protocol Negotiation

Check this option if you want to omit the protocol negotiation when connecting.

Disable Server Echo

Check this option if you don't want the server to echo every character it receives.


Enables the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol for the host.


Enables the SSH protocol for the host.

Character Set Translation

Select the character set that better suits your language needs.

The properties located inside the tabs will be described throughout the next subtopics.

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